Commercial credit risk meets 21st century technology:

Modern software architecture and future-proof technology
  • Industry standard platforms
  • REST/Service oriented
  • High performance
  • Rock-solid security
  • Run on-premise or as a service
Modular design simplifies deployment and operation
  • Use only the modules you need
  • Inter-operates with existing systems and data sources
  • Minimally disruptive deployment
Risk Model Management
  • Model version control and workflow
  • Streamline regulatory and Basel compliance
  • Models can be maintained in-house, or as a managed service.
Risk Management Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Consultant team with decades of credit risk experience
  • PD and LGD model development, maintenance, and validation
  • Strategic risk and regulatory advisory services
  • Operational and technology risk
Extract the hidden value in data assets with Artificial Intelligence
  • World-renowned experts in deep learning
  • Early warning of accounts at risk of default
  • Detect fraud, money laundering, etc.
  • Predict and prioritize technology failures
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RFM modules

Customized rating for commercial credit, delivered either within our origination app, or as a model injection service that integrates with existing systems.

Fully maintained or in-house Loss Given Default models for each lending segment, along with Lending Category calculation. Seamlessly distributed to the enterprise via the RFM services framework.

Complementing LGDCalc, manage LGD-related data in a customizable database for more accurate portfolio valuation, along with all necessary data during asset recovery.

Data integration, artificial intelligence, and modeling combine to give unprecedented levels of insight and predictive power. Reliable early warning is at last possible.

Stress testing and war gaming, plus a powerful interactive toolset for collaborative scenario evaluation, documentation, and analysis.
What our customers say...

       QRisk Strategies have played an integral role in delivering model risk sophistication at BOQ. Nick and his team helped develop our first generation PD and LGD credit risk models, including an agile loss capture cloud software system via their RFM subsidiary. His experience, expertise and intimate banking knowledge have contributed to building internal capability that we have leveraged to deliver IFRS 9 readiness amongst others.  

Peter Deans
Chief Risk Officer
Bank of Queensland

       BOQ was embarking on a significant improvement in its credit risk management approach requiring a major overhaul of its entire credit risk management framework...

...Dr Stavrou’s RFM team were engaged to provide support and rapidly proved their system capability by configuring and installing a complex LGD data capture system in a matter of a few weeks. The system was highly usable, performed flawlessly for users distributed in multiple national locations, and provided the foundations for our most accurate LGD models to date.  

Christopher Peters
Head of Credit Risk Analytics &
Basel Credit Program
Bank of Queensland
Why RFM is the right risk architecture for financial institutions.
The RFM story.
Quantitative and advisory consulting.
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RFM's mission is to transform risk management from the ad hoc, expensive, time-consuming collection of measures as often implemented today, to a low-cost, streamlined, simple, (and possibly out-sourced) standardized set of practices supported by advanced technology tools... Read more
RFM's risk management consultants are among the world's most knowledgeable and distinguished. With decades of experience at all levels of major financial institutions, including executive/the board, our experts can help develop, validate, or stress-test models, manage regulatory issues, chart the course to accreditation... Read more

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